Rules & Regulations


  1. To support and protect the character, status and interests of the profession of Quantity Surveying.
  2. To promote good practice and high standards from its members.
  3. To consider all questions affecting the interests of the profession and to petition Parliament or promote legislation affecting Quantity Surveyors or their profession.
  4. To disseminate to members information of a technical and contractual nature which relates to their work.
  5. To publicise throughout the construction industry the benefits which can be derived from the employment of Quantity Surveyors.
  6. To promote the employment of Quantity Surveying skills in helping to make the construction industry more efficient.
  7. The provision of recruitment, training and lifelong learning facilities.

Membership and Conduct

  1. Membership of the QSi is granted only by the General Council and in compliance with the Regulations of the QSi.
  2. Members are obliged to conduct themselves in a manner which upholds the objects of the QSi and maintains the highest professional standards.
  3. Members will act with integrity, honesty, be open and transparent in their dealings and accountable for their actions
  4. Members must undertake such lifelong learning as required by the General Council and provide evidence of compliance as required by the General Council.
  5. Members must not in the course of their business or employment discriminate against any person on grounds of race, colour, culture, nationality, ethnic or national origins, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or age.
  6. Members are obliged to observe the Regulations of the QSi.
  7. There are four classes of member namely Fellow, Professional Member, Probationer and Student referred to collectively in these Regulations as Members.
  8. The right to use designated letters will be in accordance with the directions of the General Council.
  9. Members will be required to pay the annual subscription at a rate fixed from time to time by the General Council. The General Council has the power at its discretion to expel from membership any member whose subscription remains unpaid for a period of 100 days or more.
  10. Entry Qualifications

    1. The entry qualifications will be those decided by the General Council.

    Procedural Matters

    1. The officers of the QSi are the President, General Secretary and Treasurer. The General Council is made up of the officers plus nine others who may be either Fellows or Professional Members of the QSi.
    2. The President is appointed by the General Council and holds office for one year. The members of the General Council are elected by a ballot of the paying membership of the QSi and hold office for a period of three years. The General Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the General Council and hold office until rescinded by either party.
    3. The meetings of the QSi are the Annual General Meeting, Ordinary General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings
    4. A quorum for meetings is seven and all Fellows, Professional Members and Probationers entitled to be present at meetings have the right to vote.
    5. The General Council fixes the dates for the Annual General Meeting and Ordinary General Meetings.
    6. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened on a requisition in writing signed by not less than five percent of the total membership.

    Disciplinary Proceedings

    1. The General Council has power to deal with members who have contravened the Regulations
    2. The General Council has the power to set up a disciplinary board whose role is to investigate breaches of the Regulations of the QSi and produce a written report for the General Council.
    3. The General Council has at its discretion power to issue a caution, suspend membership for a fixed period or expel the person from membership of the QSi.

    Accounts and Professional Audit

    1. The General Council will ensure that proper books of accounts are kept with regard to all sums of money received and expended by the QSi.
    2. The General Council will establish an Audit Committee to supervise matters related to the maintenance of the books of accounts and the employment of Auditors.
    3. The General Council will be responsible for the appointment of a firm of Professional Auditors who will audit the QSis books of accounts on an annual basis and produce an Auditors report. The Auditors report shall be provided to all members and produced at the Annual General Meeting.

    Miscellaneous Items

    1. The QSi is a non-profit making organisation.
    2. In the event of the QSi being wound up any money or other assets will be passed to a charity or charities as decided by the General Council.

    Rule Change

    1. These Regulations may be changed by a majority of the General Council.
    2. A ballot of the membership may be undertaken at the direction of the QSi GB for those changes considered as significant changes by the QSi GB